Monday, 7 December 2015

Junior Big Day Out

We are reading books under the Tarpaulins during quiet time and eating fruit.

We had fun playing Duck, Duck, Goose.

 Are you ready for the Three Legged Race? Hold on to your hats because the wind is blustering.

 Lots of laughing made us fall over easily. We got tangled in the strap as well.

The trick is to work together as a team. 

We loved our time in the pool. Nobody wanted to get out.

The Lazy River was really popular by everyone.

Playing Board Games during Maths Time

We are having fun playing Board Games.

We have a swamp one with creepy crawlies including snails.

We also have a Christmas Board Game.

We have to read the instructions when we land on some spaces.

It is exciting when someone gets near to the finish line. We have to roll the dice with the exact amount to finish.

Snails Picnic

We are investigating what snails like to eat.

We chose some food and watched what the snails wanted to eat. We put the food on the corners of the paper and the snail in the middle.

We wrote what we noticed on our investigation sheet.

This snail is tasting the orange.

Do snails like dark coloured lettuce or light coloured Lettuce?

The snails travel slowly to get their meal. Let's hope they are not too hungry.

We observe closely to see if the snail is opening it's mouth to eat.

This snail loved cucumber. Look at the big hole it nibbled.

Junior School Disco

We had Disco Night. It was fun to dress up in C Costumes and Dance.
We all had great fun together.
Our hall was brightly decorated as well.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015


We are doing an inquiry to find out about snails. They are fun to investigate.

We have heaps of snails in our class because we have found lots at home and around the school.

We are putting all the information we find out in our Inquiry Scrapbooks.

Snails can be really comical.

Tylar used these boxes to race the snails. They kept trying to climb up and over the boxes.

Kiri found heaps of snails on the way to school. it had rained overnight.

We have got used to snails crawling on our hands. They are wet and slimy.

We watch their antennae and feelers move about. 

Our Calendar Art

We made these bright suns to go on our calendars for our families to buy.

We had to paint the background with dye.

We painted the inside of our sun bright yellow.

We designed a twirl for the inside made from a paper plate and patterned in orange and red pastel.

We used sparkly patterned paper to make the spikes of the sun and glued these on to make them come alive.

Football Fun

We all love playing Football.

Our coach Simon is helping us learn skills with cool games.

Football is the best!